Splitting BCH/BCHA & SLP tokens

Bitcoin Cash Fork

Splitting your own BCH/BCHA and SLP tokens safely is possible using the non-custodial Electron Cash wallet. This method only works with Electron Cash version 4.2.0, it seems they have disabled the ability to switch networks in the latest release without going through the console. It also requires that the BCH & SLP tokens held at block 661,648 have not moved from the wallet since. As long as you’re sending to an address within your own wallet, there should be no risk for losing your coins. You will need an existing Electron Cash (for BCH only) or Electron Cash SLP (for BCH/SLP) wallet, or seed words / WIF private key that you can import into Electron Cash, which contains the BCH/SLP that you held at the block of the chain split.

It is NOT necessary to split your coins or tokens. By doing so, you recieve the same number of coins/tokens on the BCHA chain.  This guide essentially explains how to switch between chains and send BCH(N) to one address, and BCHA to another address, all within your own Electron Cash wallet. Please be aware, we are not responsible for any lost funds resulting from your actions.

Splitting BCH

  1. Open existing Electron Cash wallet or create a new wallet using existing seed words (that hold coins you want to split).

  2. Within Electron Cash, go to Tools > Network > Server tab.
    Electron Cash Network

  3. Uncheck both “Select server automatically” and “Connect only to preferred servers”, then type in “electrum.bitcoinabc.org” into the “Server” line.
    Electron Cash network 2

  4. Once you’ve done this, go to the Overview tab in the same Network section. It should say: “Chain split detected at block 661648”
    “Your server is on branch 4284c9d8b2 (13 blocks)”

    *This means you are using a server that detects both chains and depending on the server you chose, you can switch between chains. You get connected to ABC by default after switching to this server.
    Electron Cash network 3

  5. Make a note of this to keep handy nearby your wallet, it is very important:
    branch 29e471c418 is BCH (BCHN)
    branch 4284c9d8b2 is BCHA (ABC)

  6. Switch between the branches by going to the Overview tab in Network section (easily accessed by clicking the bottom right blue light button) and selecting a server to use under that corresponding branch/chain. Right click > use as server.
    Electron Cash, use server
    This screenshot shows being connected to ABC & switching over to BCHN

  7. Go to your “Addresses” tab on the main wallet view and select two addresses further down on your list. If you’re using Electron Cash SLP, you can switch between BCH and SLP addresses here by going to the “Recieve” tab and switching between the two.

  8. Set aside and note down one address for BCH(N) and a different one for BCHA. Add a “label” to these addresses to easily identify which chain it is designated for.

  9. Start with branch 29e471c418 BCH(N) (faster confirmations). Select the server for BCHN you want under that branch using Tools > Network > Overview tab (or blue light in bottom right).

  10. Copy your designated BCH(N) address and go to “Send” tab on main screen. Paste the address into the “Pay to” field and then hit the “Max” button next to “BCH Amount”. This will send all of your BCH(N) to that specific address.

  11. Wait for 1 confirmation on your BCHN transaction, switch to the other chain and send BCHA to the other BCHA designated address doing the same thing.

  12. Once you send on one chain and switch over to the other, you should also see the wallet repopulate, changing the transaction history and the address the coins are stored in between the two chains.

  13. Once you’ve split your coins between the two chains and they each have at least 1 confirmation, then create a new wallet in Electron Cash for each chain. Add BCH or BCHA to the name of the wallets so you can send to them and ensure the two are in separate, correct wallets. You will need to switch back and forth between servers to see your funds for each chain. Always ensure you are on the correct chain by clicking the blue light in the bottom right and changing servers where necessary. Once you split the coins, they will only show up in your wallet balance when you’re connected to the correct chains’ server.

    You can also use bchn-wallet.fullstack.cash and abc-wallet.fullstack.cash, non-custodial wallets for each chain to send to after you split. Always back up your seed words, that way you can import your wallet into any BCH or SLP wallet. *Note: Importing an SLP wallet’s seed words into a BCH only wallet will likely burn all tokens within the wallet. Only import seed words with SLP tokens to SLP designated wallets.

    If you don’t mind paying a small fee (0.0004 BCH or 1%, whichever is more), then you can use split.fullstack.cash to split your BCH and SLP tokens. The WIF private key holding the coins and new BCHN & BCHA addresses are required to split. There is an instructional video on the split page for more info and a walkthrough.

Splitting SLP Tokens

Splitting SLP tokens is essentially the same process using the Electron Cash SLP wallet, except the transaction fee must be paid using pre-split dust (BCH that’s already been split). This ensures that the transactions are different on each chain.

  1. After you’ve split some BCH and have 1 confirmation on each chain, send 0.00005 of that pre-split BCH(N) to a designated BCHN address & BCHA to a designated BCHA address, to your SLP wallet (that is holding the tokens that you want to split), from your wallet holding BCH that is already split. So create designated addresses in the SLP wallet you want to split tokens from, note those down and then open your BCH wallet with pre-split BCH/BCHA.

  2. In your SLP wallet, select the coin with the pre-split dust from the Coins” tab.

  3. Right click > Spend to pay for the tx fees when sending your tokens to separate BCHN and BCHA designated addresses within the same wallet.

  4. Once you have at least 1 confirmation, do the same on the other chain/branch.

  5. Once they each have 1 confirmation, you can send them to separate BCH(N)/BCHA SLP wallets. Same as before.