SOUR Token

Peer to peer, electronic ?’s that give back!

We are currently experiencing syncing and API issues with SLPDB.

We are working to integrate the psf-slp-indexer into all SOUR apps.

Always verify the Token ID for SOUR. Even if it’s just the first and last few digits –

SOUR Token Genesis Transaction on BCH Block 603,164

Max Supply: 42,000,000 SOUR

SOUR is a Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) token built on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain that utilizes PoS (Proof of Stake) for distribution and future community applications. SOUR is also used to show appreciation and reward those furthering the adoption of Bitcoin Cash & SLP tokens. SOUR has BCH & SLP airdrops for holders, weekly free-roll and buy-in poker tournaments, the #Donate4SOUR initiative to earn SOUR for donating BCH to select orgs, daily staking rewards & and continued application development. SOUR will continue to grow in the future along with the possibilities for Simple Ledger Protocol & Bitcoin Cash.

// Frequenty Asked Questions
// Learn how to earn SOUR Rewards & stack SOURtoshis!

There are only 42,000,000 SOUR tokens ever created in total and each one is divisible by 8 decimals, or 100,000,000 SOURtoshis. That is double the amount of Bitcoin, divisible by the same amount. Enough to be popular, but still exclusive enough among SLP tokens to be one to add to the bag.

Recommended SLP Wallets

Memo DEX Badger wallet Electron Cash SLP Zapit BCH/SLP wallet

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Memo DEX non-custodial Decentralized Exchange BCH/SOUR

Getting Started

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SOUR Faucet (Proof of Work required)

Visit the SOUR Faucet to try SOUR SLP tokens.
*Reddit account with 25+ karma is required.

To access our main faucet, a account with 25+ karma is required. Karma is not hard to gain but you must be original and post geniune content or comments. Find subreddits of topics that you are interested in and share content, thoughts or ideas. An example would be r/btc, r/bitcoincash, /r/cryptocurrency, or /r/SLPtokens. Posting spam links or begging for karma on reddit will get your account blocked from our faucets.

We also have a Telegram Faucet. To gain access you must follow us and retweet or post and tag SOURtoken on Twitter or Memo with an account that has some activity (not a brand new or unused account). Send a DM on Telegram with proof follow/retweet to @KeepBitcoinFree.
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Weekly Blockchain Poker Tournaments

? SOUR SLP Saturdays are Weekly Tournaments. Every Saturday at 8:30PM or 5:30PM ET, we will be hosting weekly exhibition, free-roll BCH tournaments. After 25 weeks, this leads up to a World Series of SOUR finals tournament. By placing in our exhibition tourneys, you will earn points towards a free entry to the WSOS. If you place in the top 5 in any of our tournaments, you will be eligible to win SOUR Rewards. The total SOUR prizes are worth up to 8 million Satoshis of BCH on!
Practice playing poker for free on today.

Airdrop and Staking Rewards

Airdrop Schedule

  Amount Date
  10,000 SOUR ? (PoS) – 300+ SOUR minimum September 24th, 2022
  10,000 SOUR ? (PoS) – 300+ SOUR minimum June 25th, 2022
  10,000 SOUR ? (PoS) – 300+ SOUR minimum March 26th, 2022
  0.20 BCH (Bitcoin Cash) – 200+ SOUR minimum February 26th, 2022
  10,000 SOUR ? (PoS) – 300+ SOUR minimum December 26th, 2021
  10,000 SOUR ? (PoS) – 300+ SOUR minimum September 25th, 2021
  10,000 SOUR ? (PoS) – 300+ SOUR minimum June 26th, 2021
  0.25 BCH (Bitcoin Cash) – 200+ SOUR minimum May 29th, 2021
  10,000 SOUR ? (PoS) – 300+ SOUR minimum March 27th, 2021
  5,000,000 RFND – 200+ SOUR minimum February 27th, 2021
0.30 BCH (Bitcoin Cash) January 23rd, 2021
  10,000 SOUR ? (PoS Airdrop – Randomized ) December 26th, 2020
0.47 BCHOctober 31st, 2020
  10,000 SOUR ? (PoS Airdrop) September 19th, 2020
0.40 BCH August 22nd, 2020
  20,000 Spice ?️ July 25th, 2020
  10,000 SOUR ? (PoS Airdrop) May 23rd, 2020
0.30 BCH March 21st, 2020
  30,000 Spice ?️ February 22nd, 2020
0.20 BCH January 25th, 2020
  20,000 Spice ?️ & 5 Beer (?) December 20th, 2019
0.15 BCH November 8th, 2019
  20,000 Spice ?️ October 31st, 2019

*Next airdrop is highlighted on the schedule. **Airdrops to SOUR holders are distributed based on (amount of SOUR held / amount of SOUR in circulation that is eligible for the airdrop (none held by SOURtoshi or under the minimum is included)), multiplied by the airdrop amount. Proof of SOUR airdrops are typically based on amount held but will also be randomized and will be noted as such.

**Airdrops to SOUR holders are not recieved through any tipbots, exchanges or other custodial wallets. You must own the PRIVATE KEYS (or seed phrase) to the wallet/addresses storing your SOUR in order to recieve airdrops or staking rewards. Use Badger Wallet, Memo.Cash or Electron Cash SLP, or, etc.

Proof of SOUR staking system

The SOUR Proof of Stake system distributes daily staking rewards to holders above the minimums. To be eligible for daily rewards, holders must have 1000+ SOUR tokens stored within one UTXO with at least 2016 confirmations (about 2 weeks time) in any SLP wallet they hold the private keys to. The staking system enables anyone to earn daily staking rewards directly to their wallet and get a return of their staked SOUR over time. The full emissions schedule and minimum increase schedule will be published shortly. This is also supplemented with lower level staking rewards (10K SOUR airdropped every 3 months) split among all holders with 300+ SOUR balances.

How can I get some Airdrops & Staking Rewards?

To be eligible for an airdrop, you must:
1. Hold SOUR in one address that YOU hold the private keys to (not in tipbots or exchanges), and
2. Hold a balance in one address above the minimum for that airdrop. The more SOUR held, the more of the airdrop you’ll recieve. Some PoS airdrops will be randomized.

** To be eligible for airdrops, your SOUR balance must be combined into one address. Some wallets will use different addresses for each deposit or for change from sending tokens. We recommend using a separate wallet for airdrops or staking that only uses one address to make it easier, such as: SOUR paper wallet,, & Badger wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SOUR?

SOUR is a token built on Bitcoin Cash and utilizes PoS (Proof of Stake) for token distribution and future community applications. SOUR is used by the community to show appreciation and reward those furthering the adoption of Bitcoin Cash & SLP tokens. SOUR offers staking and airdrop rewards for holders, a merch shop, weekly poker tournaments, a paper wallet generator, a bot to reward BCH donations to specific orgs, and continued application development. There is no minting baton, meaning no more SOUR can ever be created. Always verify the token ID of any SLP token, because names and doc site’s can be copied but the ID is the unique identifier.

SOUR has a token ID of: 6448381f9649ecacd8c30189cfbfee71a91b6b9738ea494fe33f8b8b51cbfca0.

How can I get some SOUR?

  1. Download a recommended SLP/BCH wallet, listed at
  2. Create a new SLP wallet, write down your seed phrase to safely store offline, and then copy your SLP receive address to receive your SOUR tokens.
  3. SOUR/BCH is currently listed at two exchanges: -> 
    * Memo is non-custodial DEX and social media site where you hold your own keys. -> 
    * AnyCoin is a new, custodial exchange. Don’t store your coins/tokens on any exchanges; always withdraw to your own wallet.
  4. Visit the SOUR Faucet to try a small amount, located at The faucet requires a account with at least 25 karma to claim. If you don’t understand how to use Reddit or earn karma, please visit . Anyone using duplicate accounts, begging for karma, or posting spam links on Reddit, Telegram or Memo will be banned from the faucet.
  5. A secondary faucet is available on a private Telegram group . To gain access, you’ll need an established social media account with some activity, (a few follows and some genuine tweets will work), follow us and retweet or post about SOUR on either or (Memo requires small amounts of BCH to post). 

 You can earn SOUR by:

  1. Contributing to the discussion and project on our Telegram channel and the Memo topic.
  2. Joining our weekly Poker tournament and placing in the top 5 to win SOUR & BCH .
  3. Staking your existing SOUR by holding over the minimums to recieve SOUR airdrops and staking rewards.
  4. Donating 100k+ satoshis BCH to specific organizations and tagging your post with #donate4SOUR on Memo.
  5. More ways to earn SOUR are being developed!

Warning: The SOUR token should not be considered an investment or a security. It is an experimental and dynamic development project used for rewarding contribution in furthering Bitcoin Cash & SLP adoption. It’s value is only intended to be transactional in nature, and any long-term value is highly speculative.

Learn more about the Simple Ledger Protocol!