BCH Projects

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Below is a list of projects involving Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Bitcoin Cash is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system that has other built in functionality to allow for a variety of interesting applications. You can learn more about Bitcoin Cash in this guide.

Bitcoin Cash has a growing community with new and exciting projects being developed and deployed every day. If you would like to get your project added below, let us know!

Tools & Services

CashFusion enables decentralized privacy for Bitcoin Cash. Using CashFusion enables financial freedom and privacy to spend or hold your electronic cash. No one should know how much BCH you spend, or how you spend it, other than the peer it is sent to. Download Electron Cash, a wallet enabled with CashFusion, and enable Fusion to confuscate your funds beyond tracking.

TX Highway
TX Highway is a blockchain visualizer created by two Bitcoin Cash supporters who wanted to find a simple way for ordinary users to visualize transactions on both chains, and provide a comparison of the two competing chains of Bitcoin. We strongly feel Bitcoin Cash’s big blocks, on chain scalability, fast confirmations and extremely low fees allow for Bitcoin to become the peer to peer electronic cash that it was always meant to be. It’s wide open highways with Bitcoin Cash, and complete gridlock on Bitcoin Core.

TxStreet.com is a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Core (BTC) live transaction visualizer inspired by TXhighway.com. This website helps users to understand the mempool and blocksize in an easy way.

Bitcoin Fees compares Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Core transaction fees against each other in an easy to understand format.

Pin Files to the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) and Bitcoin Cash. BitcoinFiles uses OP_RETURN. BitcoinFiles.com was developed due to a lack of reliable and anonymous file upload and file sharing web services. BitcoinFiles.com allows anyone or any system to upload files to IPFS and the Bitcoin Cash blockchain without requiring login credentials. Files uploaded to IPFS and the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain can be shared with anyone in the world using a simple URL.

SideShift AI is an automated coin swap that allows users to swap between 20+ cryptocurrencies.

Coin Dance is a Community-driven Bitcoin Cash statistics and services website who believes that access to information is what truly allows great ideas to flourish and diverse communities to grow.

CoinSalad is a web service dedicated to providing Bitcoin market stats and charting data on some key components of the Bitcoin network such as Bitcoin exchange prices. CoinSalad monitors all the major USD-currency based exchanges on the market providing near real-time market data.

Cash account numbers go up as each block is mined. Once a blockheight has passed, that alias is gone forever. Not everyone is available to time the one they want. That’s where Krave comes in. Krave makes use of Cash Accounts and OP_RETURN.

A community-maintained Bitcoin Cash merchant directory. Just sign-up and verify your email to add, edit, and rate Bitcoin Cash accepting merchants.

CryptoCandy, the easy way to share crypto with friends. Set one up in your home or office as a fun and easy way to introduce your friends and family to the power of cryptocurrency. Also, great for Bitcoin and Blockchain meetups.

URL shorterner that helps to promote Bitcoin Cash (BCH), hence the name BCH.gg.

Create your own Donate button with instant feedback to thank the donator for their generous contribution. Simply input your receiving address into the website and it will generate an HTML iframe code to insert into your website. Works with HTML & javascript to display the button & provide feedback.

SLP Paper Wallet Generator
Create your own SOUR (or other SLP) Token Paper Wallet with a custom design with this Paper Wallet Generator. This project was originally created by SLPVH for the SLP Hackathon and has been forked by KeepBitcoinFree. Source code & additional info available here.

A community-curated list of merchants that accept Bitcoin Cash, a peer-to-peer electronic cash system.

The simplest way to have your online menu. Allow your customers to order directly from your menu & pay using Bitcoin Cash – they don’t have to wait to make an order. This saves time for your waiters, and you money!

VPS hosting who accept Bitcoin Cash! If paying with crypto, you can stay anonymous. Depending on the current promotion, you may get up to $100 FREE credit so try it today!


SatoshiDice first started in 2012 as a way for people to play online using Bitcoin. At the time the game was built on top of BTC, but as fees for BTC rose and became unsustainable SatoshiDice closed and later re-launched using Bitcoin Cash. With SatoshiDice, your funds don’t ever need to be deposited to the platform. You play using funds right from your wallet and the rewards are deposited directly back into your wallet.

Spin and win Bitcoin Cash. This game is anonymous and deposits are instant. To play, click the buttons to place bets on that number and then press “Spin”.

The fully anonymous and provably fair lottery game built on Bitcoin Cash with Bitbox-SDK and Badger Wallet.

A dice betting game that works with Spice SLP Tokens on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. With Spice.Casa, your Spice tokens don’t need to be deposited to the platform. You play using funds right from your wallet and the rewards are deposited directly back into your wallet. Spice tokens can then be exchanged for BCH and other cryptocurrencies using sideshift.ai or an SLP token exchange.

Blockchain poker is just that, poker on the blockchain. With regular free tournaments, cash games, as well as sit & go’s – you can play poker using BCH, BTC or BSV. No information is needed to register & play, and some free Satoshis are provided to play at low stakes tables.

Multi-cryptocurrency casino that supports Bitcoin Cash. Stake is provably fair with instant deposits & withdrawals as well as 24/7 support.


Bitcoin Unlimited
The Bitcoin Unlimited project maintains a client for the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network.

BCHD is a mature, full node implementation of the Bitcoin Cash protocol.

Bitprim is a high performance Satoshi Client implementation focused on users requiring extra performance and flexibility, what makes it the best platform for wallets, exchanges, block explorers and miners.

Enterprise-level Bitcoin and blockchain libraries. Built for businesses, miners, wallets, and hobbyists.

Talk to the blockchain in an easy to understand API. No fussing with other people’s software or unreliable third parties. Flowee lets you process or create Bitcoin Cash payments within your own applications.

Bitcoin Verde
Bitcoin Verde is a ground-up implementation of the Bitcoin (Cash) protocol. This primary function of this project is to be a unique java implementaion of a BCH full node to diversify the BCH network’s implementation.

BCH Blockchain As-A-Service. This open source ‘Cash Stack’ allows phone and web apps to interact with the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. Developer resources and services such as rest APIs, full node implementations and more.

Smart contracts for Bitcoin Cash.

Panda Suite
The Panda Suite gets developers from idea to bitcoin applications as comfortably as possible, it supports RPC and uses Bitbox.

Simple Ledger Protocol
Tokenize anything with Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP), an emerging standard protocol for issuing secure tokens on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. SLP utelizes OP_RETURN.

Learn to develop on top of the simplest, fastest, and most liberating token system in existence. SLP tokens can easily be created, traded, and managed on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain within seconds; costing the user only fractions of a penny for each transaction.

CashShuffle is a fully decentralized coin mixing protocol that shuffles your Bitcoin Cash with other network participants. This shuffling process obscures your real spending and makes it difficult for chain analysis companies to follow your transactions.

BITBOX Scaffold WebSockets
Scaffold is used for events, meetups etc to display BCH addresses and notify when donations are received. It uses Bitbox.

Cash Accounts
Cash Accounts allows for human readable account names that are easy to share in conversation. Cash Accounts make use of OP_RETURN.

This is a convenient way to login and sign up to websites using Bitcoin Cash as your identity.

BCH Blockchain As-A-Service. Developer resources, infrastructure and APIs for hobbyists and commercial applications.

Bitcoin ABC (XEC – eCash fork)
Bitcoin ABC is now a full node implementation of the eCash (XEC) protocol. XEC forked from BCH on November 15th, 2020 and formed it’s own protocol to fund development and spread electronic cash.


Badger Wallet
Badger Wallet is your gateway to the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) ecosystem and supports Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) tokens on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain. Badger wallet has full support for receiving and sending all SLP tokens.

Electron Cash
A Bitcoin Cash SPV Wallet. Control your own private keys. Easily back up your wallet with a mnemonic seed phrase. Enjoy high security without downloading the blockchain or running a full node. *Includes CashShuffle

Electron Cash SLP
A Bitcoin Cash & SLP token SPV Wallet. Control your own private keys for your BCH and SLP tokens. Easily back up with a mnemonic seed phrase. Enjoy high security with new addresses for each transaction.

Text cryptocurrency to your friends. Instantly send Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to any phone without Internet.

Crescent Cash Wallet
Send coins to a Cash Account or Bitcoin Cash address with Crescent Cash.

Simple Bitcoin Wallet
The Simple Bitcoin Wallet is for web developers building applications for Bitcoin Cash. Simple Wallet provides an easy and quick way to create BCH wallets and send bitcoin around. It supports Honest Cash and uses Bitbox and OP_RETURN.

Bitcoin Cash Notes
BCH notes are non-loaded Bitcoin Cash paper wallets that look like real money. A private key has been encapsulated into each note underneath a tamper-evident seal. They can be loaded with Bitcoin Cash using the public address printed on the note. You may access to the Bitcoin Cash at any time by uncovering the private key.

Best BCH Wallets
A website comparing different types of Bitcoin Cash wallets with pros & cons for each. If you can’t decide on a wallet, review & compare some to help you decide.

Tipping & Crowdfunding

Tippr is a Bitcoin Cash tipbot for Reddit and Twitter.

Chaintip is a Bitcoin Cash tipping bot active on Reddit & GitHub.

GitCash allows users to send and receive Bitcoin Cash over Github so you can tip your favorite developer or group.

Tip Bitcoin Cash
TipBitcoin.cash is a Bitcoin Cash tipping service for livestreamers.

On-chain tipping for Reddit and Github. Mention Chaintip to call the Chaintip bot. Chaintip will send you a message letting you know which address to send Bitcoin Cash to. Use a mobile phone or other wallet to send Bitcoin Cash to the address.

Tips Monitor
A tipping board that uses Bitcoin Cash and showcases the power and flexibility of micro-tipping for live in-person performances. Tips Monitor uses Bitbox to power the app.

Create tips to give Bitcoin Cash (BCH) by email or printable tickets. Recipients redeem tips by visiting a web page with instructions (example).

Bitcoin.com Freedom Support
Supporting the rights to freedom online across the globe. Donate Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to help these projects in need and help stand up for liberty, freedom, and inalienable human rights.

Payment Gateways

Gateway Cash
Gateway is making Bitcoin Cash (BCH) easy for merchants and website operators across the world. By standardizing the Bitcoin Cash payment experience, we can reduce friction and build on top of Bitcoin together.

GoURL is a Bitcoin payment gateway and Bitcoin payment processor. Accept payments on your website today for user premium membership, file downloads or selling your products.

Merchants & Shopping

Marco Coino
Wherever you are in the world, the Marco Coino app lists the location of brick and mortar stores that let you pay with Bitcoin Cash. Discover nearby merchants, or add your own business to mark it on the map.

Bitcoin Rewards
Get a cashback paid to you in Digital Currency for transacting with the best online shopping destinations in Australia, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States and globally.

Get A 15%+ Discount on Amazon. Shop with Bitcoin Cash.

Tarifa Cash
Tarifa Cash (TCH) is a local currency backed by Bitcoin Cach (BCH). You can charge TCH in all participating shops, check out our maps! Tarifa Cash gives you a discount on all of your purchases, we are growing a sustainable local community.

Earn Bitcoin Cash

A free online marketplace. No platform fees. No restrictions. Earn Bitcoin Cash and other cryptocurrencies.

Based on OpenBazaar, this is a mobile app for a privacy first, peer to peer platform for buying & selling goods. Why use apps that spy on you? Shop, chat, and send cryptocurrencies privately using Haven.

Ask Questions or Solve Tasks for Bitcoin Cash Bounties.

Working For Bitcoins
Hire Freelance Worker or Find Work and Work From Home and get paid with Bitcoins.

Earn money for creating content. Set your own price and get paid each time your videos are watched.

Read.cash is a new platform where users can earn cryptocurrency for creating articles and receiving tips from the community. It is still in beta & is invite only right now.

Social Networks

Bitcoin Cash and SLP social network that utilizes the Memo protocol and OP_RETURN.

Bitcoin Cash social network reader that utilizes the Memo protocol and OP_RETURN.

Discover, Support, and Engage creators with PowerChats during livestreams and monthly pledges in crypto.

Original list obtained from: https://www.bitcoin.com/bitcoin-cash-projects/. Edited and curated by KeepBitcoinFree.org