SOUR Staking Rewards Launch

Daily staking rewards for SOUR holders will be launching on December 5th, 2020.

To be eligible to participate, you must…

     1. Hold 1,000+ SOUR balance in one UTXO which you hold keys for,
     2. Hold for longer than 2 weeks or 2016 confirmations (utxo coin age) to begin staking.

During the first year, the staking system will distribute roughly 170K SOUR through daily staking rewards. The minimum balance increase schedule, emissions schedule and distribution breakdown across all services will be released soon. All SOUR paid out is currently being stored in a cold storage, hardware wallet (, with only the staking app having access. There is no need to deposit SOUR into any platform in order to stake. Stake your SOUR from any non-custodial SLP/BCH wallet and spend it at anytime.

Current Staking APR as of 12/2/2020 – 65.5801%*

*Annual Percentage Rate. Meaning that 1,000 SOUR staked for 1 year, or 365 days, would earn roughly 655.801 SOUR back at the current rate. The APR is subject to change daily, depending on total amount of SOUR being staked, number of eligible addresses staking, and the current rewards schedule. 

Learn more about staking SOUR!

Proof of SOUR staking system