Getting Started

Getting started with Bitcoin can be overwhelming at first. The best thing you can do first is ensure you’ve done your own research. Don’t just take the word of someone else and definitely do not give them your money to acquire it for you. has some great resources for getting started with Bitcoin, as well as the deeper technical and developer aspects of Bitcoin.

Banks and payment processors can freeze your funds at any time, reverse your transactions, allow fraudulent chargebacks, deny service or close your accounts as they see fit. Bitcoin Cash enables peer to peer transactions & allows you to decide when and where to use your electronic cash. Using Bitcoin Cash with Cash Fusion (available on the Electron Cash Desktop wallet) provides great financial freedom and privacy. With this great power also comes great responsibility. You must protect yourself when obtaining, storing and/or selling your Bitcoin. At the very least, this involves finding a peer to peer platform to obtain or offload BCH, getting a trustworthy wallet, understanding private keys, seed phrases, transactions, triple checking your information & safely and properly storing your seed words offline.

When you feel ready to take control of your own wealth, you’ll want to download a wallet below and get started by getting some free Bitcoin Cash from the faucet. Create two wallets and send it back and forth or better yet, get a friend to download a wallet and send it to them so you can both learn.

When you’re confident enough to purchase some Bitcoin Cash of your own, again do more research. There are many ways to acquire Bitcoin Cash. A lot of people will go through large exchanges that enforce KYC (Know Your Customer) anti money laundering & privacy invading laws. The system will tell you that they need to see every move you make in order to catch the bad actors. In reality, they want complete control with the ability to track & freeze all your funds, should they see fit.

If you want to deal with a strictly peer to peer platform with zero KYC, then head over to to trade Fiat to BCH or BCH to Fiat. This platform connects users & provides non-custodial wallets (you control the keys) so that they can never handle or take your money. Be vigilant & always use the escrow on p2p platforms to ensure your own safety. This way, if you have proof of payment and the BCH is in escrow, the moderators can at least release that BCH to you if the other person will not.

There are also other non KYC options to obtain BCH, such as

Purse allows users to name their own discount when shopping for any product on Amazon by matching shoppers with earners – who are individuals who wish to exchange their Amazon gift cards for Bitcoin!

Essentially, you can purchase items for Amazon users through a gift registry (hides private info) and earn Bitcoin Cash in exchange or you can spend your Bitcoin Cash for around 30% discounts.

Wallet Downloads – Wallet – Official SPV mobile wallet to store your Bitcoin Cash, BCH or Bitcoin Core, BTC. Download from the Android or IOS store today.

Electron Cash – A Bitcoin Cash SPV desktop & mobile wallet which includes CashShuffle (currently only on desktop).

Electron Cash SLP edition for managing your BCH SLP Tokens on desktop.

Badger Wallet – SLP & Bitcoin Cash SPV Wallet to manage your BCH & SLP Tokens.
Available for Android, IOS & as a Browser extension.

For more info about different Bitcoin wallets, visit

Simple Ledger Protocol – 

The Simple Ledger Protocol is used to create Tokens on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

One of the most popular tokens right now is the SPICE Token. Visit the Spice faucet to try out SLP tokens or earn Spice through tips on popular social media sites, such as Once you get some Spice, check out the Spice.Casa – a Dice betting site using the Spice Token. Spice Casa Dice uses instant bets, zero deposits (bet from your own wallet) & is provably fair. You can also exchange Spice token for BCH or a number of other cryptocurrencies at & created the SOUR token to be used for tipping good content, as well as rewarding promotion & adoption of Bitcoin Cash. Get some SOUR tokens for yourself at the SOUR Faucet. Don’t be SOUR, share it!