Getting Started

Getting started with Bitcoin can be overwhelming at first. The best thing you can do is ensure you’ve done your own research instead of taking the word of someone else or giving your money to them to acquire it. has some great resources about the technical aspects of Bitcoin.

When you feel ready to take control of your own wealth, you’ll want to download a wallet below and get started by getting some Bitcoin Cash from the faucet. Create two wallets and send it back and forth or better yet, get a friend to download a wallet and send it to them so you can both learn.

When you’re ready to purchase some Bitcoin Cash of your own, you can head to to trade Fiat to BCH or BCH to Fiat, peer to peer. Be vigilant & always use the escrow on the platform to ensure your safety.

Wallet Downloads – Wallet – Official SPV mobile wallet to store your Bitcoin Cash, BCH or Bitcoin Core, BTC. Download from the Android or IOS store today.

Electron Cash – A Bitcoin Cash SPV wallet which includes CashShuffle.

Badger Wallet – SLP & Bitcoin Cash SPV Wallet to manage your BCH & SLP Tokens.
Available for Android, IOS & as a Browser extension.

Docker images – Full node Docker images can be used to spin up a full Bitcoin Cash node using Virtual Servers & containers.
BitcoinABC & BitcoinUnlimited.

Simple Ledger Protocol – 

The Simple Ledger Protocol is used to create Tokens on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

One of the most popular tokens right now is the SPICE Token. Visit the Spice faucet to try out SLP tokens or earn Spice on popular social media sites through tips. Once you get some Spice, check out the Spice.Casa – a Dice betting site using the Spice Token. Spice Casa Dice uses instant bets, zero deposits (bet from your own wallet) & is provably fair. You can also exchange Spice token for BCH or a number of other cryptocurrencies at The Spice Must Flow! has recently created the SOUR token to be used for tipping good content, as well as rewarding promotion & adoption of Bitcoin Cash. There will be planned BCH airdrops to all holders of SOUR at a future date to be announced. Get some SOUR tokens for yourself at the SOUR Faucet.

Electron Cash SLP edition for managing your BCH SLP Tokens.

Developer Resources –