SOUR Staking Rewards Launch

Daily staking rewards for SOUR holders will be launching on December 5th, 2020.

To be eligible to participate, you must…

     1. Hold 1,000+ SOUR balance in one UTXO which you hold keys for,
     2. Hold for longer than 2 weeks or 2016 confirmations (utxo coin age) to begin staking.

During the first year, the staking system will distribute roughly 170K SOUR through daily staking rewards. The minimum balance increase schedule, emissions schedule and distribution breakdown across all services will be released soon. All SOUR paid out is currently being stored in a cold storage, hardware wallet (, with only the staking app having access. There is no need to deposit SOUR into any platform in order to stake. Stake your SOUR from any non-custodial SLP/BCH wallet and spend it at anytime.

Current Staking APR as of 12/2/2020 – 65.5801%*

*Annual Percentage Rate. Meaning that 1,000 SOUR staked for 1 year, or 365 days, would earn roughly 655.801 SOUR back at the current rate. The APR is subject to change daily, depending on total amount of SOUR being staked, number of eligible addresses staking, and the current rewards schedule. 

Learn more about staking SOUR!

Proof of SOUR staking system

Bitcoin Cash – Nov 15th Network Upgrade

Bitcoin Cash Logo

Update on November 22nd –
? #Donate4SOUR rewards are running again! Any BCH donations (0.001+ BCH) sent to select organizations, that also include the hashtag #Donate4SOUR in the transaction, will be rewarded in SOUR.

All SOUR apps are back up & most SOUR has been split already. The only thing still being delayed is Memo tipping, as there is a BCHA transaction pending due to a DOS attack on the Bitcoin Cash ABC network. It should clear up shortly and then Memo tipping will also resume.

Update on November 18th
? The SOUR merch shop is back up and functional again! Get some SOUR Gear and pay using BCH, or SLP tokens: USDH, SOUR or Spice (on the BCH(N) chain).

? SOUR tokens have been split for the #Donate4SOUR app, new wallets are being set up before reactivating. Any donations made since the app was down will be detected and rewarded as is usual.

? SOUR tokens have been split for most other services, new wallets are being set up and apps reconfigured. Stay tuned for more updates!

? Split your own BCH or SOUR using the Electron Cash SLP wallet v4.2.0

Update on November 17th –
The (default BCH(N)) SOUR Faucets are back up! The SOUR being dispensed have been pre-split and exist only on the BCH (BCHN) chain.

? Main Faucet is at & requires 25+ Karma on Reddit from a genuine account to claim.

? Telegram Faucet is private and requires a follow & a retweet or post/tag on from an account with some genuine activity. Send screenshot with proof of twitter name to @keepbitcoinfree

? More info at

Update on November 15th
The BCH scheduled upgrade was successful at Block 661,648! The network was split into two chains during the hard fork. The longest chain will take the ticker “BCH”, and the minority chain will form a new blockchain. Right now it looks like BCHN will be the longest chain and Bitcoin ABC (BCHA), the minority chain. You can split your BCH & SLP tokens at or follow our guide to split BCH/SLP tokens from Electron Cash. You must have the WIF private key for the address(es) that held your BCH & SLP tokens at the block 661,648, as well as an address on each chain to split. If you only have the seed words, obtain a WIF key by importing your seed into Electron Cash (BCH only) or Electron Cash SLP (BCH & SLP). Once imported, you can export WIF private keys from that Electron Cash.

Explorers for both chains are available –

? SOUR applications will be coming back online soon for the majority chain (BCH) and will come back online (if possible) for the other chain over time.

On November 15th at 12:00 PM UTC, the Bitcoin Cash blockchain will undergo another scheduled protocol upgrade, per the roadmap. A new DAA will be introduced in to stablize block times and discourage miners from switching between chains when it’s more profitable. This has been causing significant spikes and decreases in hashrate, causing blocks to be mined faster or slower than 10 minutes.

With this upgrade specifically, there is a potential chain split of the BCH blockchain due to governance conflicts within the community. The Bitcoin ABC node development team is integrating an infrastructure funding plan, initially introduced by the miners, which allocates a small amount of the block rewards to funding development and infrastructure. Other developers have announced they will not be implementing these changes and have forked ABC’s code to create their own node, BCHN. They will continue relying on donations to fund all development including new features, maintainence and infrastructure required for scaling. We have respect for both groups of developers, each pursuing funding in different approaches, each with their own advantages and disadvantages, to bring about peer to peer, electronic cash for the world. As such, if there is a split, we will do our best to support both chains.

There is no way to know what will happen for sure, miners will ultimately make the final decision with their hashpower on and after November 15th, 2020. Right now, a chain split seems likely so we are working to support both chains. In the event of a BCH chain split, all SOUR tokens will split and exist equally on both chains, in the address they were stored in, at the Bitcoin Cash Block of the split. In order to split your SOUR, you must have the WIF private keys for the address or addresses the utxo is stored in. Many holders will move to a wallet that’s different from their usual spending wallet before the fork, because it’s necessary to expose the private key in order to split BCH & tokens from your address.

We advise all SOUR holders to refrain from sending large amounts of BCH or SLP tokens near the time of the protocol upgrade on November 15th, 2020 at 12:00 PM UTC. Afterwards, we will inform holders of recommended actions they should take in order to split their tokens before spending them. It is advisable to move and store your SOUR & BCH on a paper wallet in preperation before the upgrade. With a paper wallet, you will have a safe, offline wallet and private keys that you can use to split your SOUR for each chain. Visit and download the source code to generate your own BCH/SLP paper wallet offline.

SOUR Token Chain Split Contingency Plan

The plan is to deactivate all of our services starting on November 14th, 2020 and continuing for a unspecified amount of time per application. This includes:
SOUR staking rewards
#Donate4SOUR app which instantly rewards users in SOUR for donating BCH.
SOUR Faucet
SOUR Tipping
SOUR Merch shop
SOUR telegram bot
SOUR Poker tournaments
SOUR Paper Wallet Generator
Airdrops to SOUR holders. *There are no airdrops scheduled for November due to the scheduled upgrade. Future airdrops may be split between chains or be limited to one chain, depending on the available infrastructure and services for each of those.

Depending on the SLP infrastructure available for each chain, some services may not be available on one or more chains, it may take time to bring some services back online, and/or we may need to default to one chain for a majority of our services. We will work to bring our services back online for both chains as soon as possible and announce updates for each on, Telegram, Twitter and Memo. We will also recommend the tools necessary to split SLP tokens for each chain, such as (which is still under development by &

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Peer to peer, electronic ?’s. Life is SOUR!