Satoshi Nakamoto

Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, made his intentions clear that he wanted to eventually increase the blocksize of BTCThose efforts in BTC have been stiffled by Blockstream and the developers on their payroll. Any developers who wanted to improve the Bitcoin protocol on chain have gone elsewhere. Bitcoin Cash has an adjustable blocksize cap and continues to grow with consistent protocol improvements, increasing merchant adoption, strong privacy features for users, and a large community of developers behind the project.

There are many who struggle with using Bitcoin Core (BTC) because it doesn’t work as electronic cash should. BTC has high fees during times of increased use, or users incur long wait times trying to use lower fees. This has created an unnecessary bidding war to get into the next block, going as high as $50+ during the last bull run. Eventually people who want to actually use Bitcoin as a currency, run a business around it, and/or develop apps on top of it realize that Bitcoin Cash is on to somethingBCH functions properly as fungible, peer to peer electronic cash with a solid focus on individual privacy, protocol improvements, merchant adoption and ease of use.

The Revolution will NOT be Centralized
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