Run a Zcash node on a Raspberry Pi 4 (64bit)

Zcashd can be run on a Raspberry Pi 4 (64bit OS), 60+GB is needed. Format your SD card with the latest Raspbian OS (64bit) and follow the below steps to run zcashd from your pi.

  1. apt-get update
  2. apt-get -y install build-essential pkg-config libc6-dev m4 gcc autoconf libtool ncurses-dev unzip git python3 python3-zmq zlib1g-dev curl bsdmainutils automake libtinfo5 libncurses5
  3. git clone GitHub – zcash/zcash: Zcash – Internet Money 1
  4. cd zcash
  5. git checkout v5.0.0
  6. ./zcutil/
  7. ./zcutil/
  8. ./zcutil/ -j$(nproc)

While the build finishes (takes a while), you can add an existing zcash.conf file under /root/.zcash/ or let zcashd create one for you when it is started. Through the conf file, you can specify a different datadir to host your wallet & blockchain files on a mounted ssd/usb drive, specify your TOR proxy, and addnodes as needed. When it finishes, run zcash/src/zcashd to start the node and open another tab to use “tail -f /datadir/debug.log” to watch the logs.

I’m working on a Dockerfile/image using an ubuntu:18.04 base image with these same steps that will also run on a Raspberry Pi 4 (64bit OS aarch64).